Social Obligations

Self Help Group for Women

We do not leg behind in social obligation front. Our bank has a reach to the small scale women Group in remotest villages.Recently bank gave Agarbatti Manufacturing machine to Self Help Women Group in small lakhvad village.

Main Donor of crematoria

Our bank is a leading donor of crematorium in Mehsana city.

Chief Minister Kanya Kelvani Fund

Our Bank also is a leading contributor in Chief Minister’s Kanya Kelvani Fund.

Leading Donor of fund for central library in Mehsana City

Our bank is a leading donor for C.P.Parekh Public Library at Mehsana.

Swami Vivekanand Education Trust, Mehsana

Our bank is one among main donors in education institution named Swami Vivekanand Education Trust, along which Mehsana .

Thalassemia Blood Transfusion Centre

Our bank is a leading donor for Thalassemia Blood Transfusion Centre at Mehsana.

Participation in patriotism activity .

A family of martyr of Kargil war in 1999.