Types Of Fixed Deposits

Senior Citizen Deposits Scheme are also available

A person having age of 60 years and above can take the benefit of Senior Citizen Deposits Scheme.

General Requirement for any types of above deposits

Requirement as per Savings Accounts or having any type of account complied with KYC Norms.

Period :

Minimum 30 days and Maximum 120 months

Nomination Facilities

Nomination Facilities are available for all types of deposit accounts

Fixed Deposits

  • Principal & Interest being paid at the time of Maturity.

Cash Certificate Deposit

  • Interest being compounded quarterly payable at the time of maturity.

Monthly Income Deposits Scheme

  • Interest is being paid Monthly

Quarterly Income Deposits Scheme

  • Interest is being paid Quartly

Recurring Deposits

  • Interest Rates : As per Fixed Deposit schedule

  • Deposit period

  • Minimum 12 monthsMaximum 120 Months

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